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Dear Visitor,


My name is Werner Francis Schultze. I entered this world under the Southern Cross on 28.11.1966 in Wellington, New Zealand. I am a 14th generation direct descendant of Katharina von Bora and Martin Luther, the reformer of western Christianity.


The foundations of my trade and self-employment nurtured my innate curiosity. I sought answers to the questions puzzling my mind, which led me to the next step on my path – the field of architecture.


Subsequent to my studies in architecture, I gained my practical experience within various academic and professional organisations.


Following my urge to research, further study trips in my interdisciplinary career led me – in the context of autodidactic engineering within the 'studium generale' – through various stopovers, including Heidelberg, Berlin, Munich, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and Brisbane.


Herein I extended my knowledge in foundational, classical disciplines, especially physics and philosophy of Nature – whose symbolic-linguistic expressions are reflected within the linguistic elements of mathematics – in order to explain to our species a world that is sensorially comprehensible, especially haptically perceptible and therefore plausible and logical for us to experience.



‘Philosophy and intellectual history can only be understood if it is penetrated at its source – the origin.’



My further development focused on the scientific disciplines of sociology, economics, and ecology, as well as metaphysical mental philosophy and Exo-sociology, to be able to synthesise ideas from these varied disciplines and foster – as a project architect in philosophy of architecture and history of construction – the transition to a new zeitgeist.


Besides my mother tongue German, I communicate in English on an academic and technical level, and understand various other patterns of language.


Summa summarum, these abilities enable me to carry the torch of enlightenment, to share comprehensive knowledge and - in the sense of a critical spirit - to act as an edition of the rebirth of a thought.


As a ‘Lutherid', I see it as my duty to expose and even admonish human abuse of power - wherever it occurs!



I thank you for your attention,

CC cum laude, culture civilitas, Dipl.-Ing., MEng App.Sc, B.Arch


With the pursuit, a globally renewed society and social structure to propagate, a rethinking of each individual is required to address current and future global issues and as a result to allow the chance of a peaceful coexistence.


To cooperate there are currently


7 Billion and counting

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