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Dear Reader,


My name is Werner Francis Schultze and I was born under the southern Cross on the 28.11.1966 in Wellington / New Zealand.


In 14th Generation I am a direct descendant of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora, the reformer of the Christian church.


I have lived in Germany for around 38 years and after my craft training and self-employment I have studied architecture, with the emphases of project management, sustainability and energy, for the broad occupational field of a project architect.

Since 2007 I live and work in Australia.


With the pursuit, a globally renewed society and social structure to propagate, a rethinking of each individual is required to address current and future global issues and as a result to allow the chance of a peaceful coexistence.


To cooperate there are currently


7 Billion and counting

Symbotic Systems

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