Institute for

Humanistic Peace Research


Main focus:

Energies in a geostrategic context,

within sensitive areas of international politics.

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20 Apr 2020

21 Mar 2019

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Novus Tempus, as Institute for Humanistic Peace Research with its main focus to energies in a geostrategic context, was established as an independent and self funded Institute in 2016.


Headed by cum laude, Dipl.-Ing., MEng App.Sc, B.Arch Werner Francis Schultze geostrategic issues and perspectives will be examined, arising from a globalised world.


Besides dealing with finite resources and the use of renewable energy, social trends and patterns are a task field, which must be considered for its global impact as well.


We present our information to the interested public and providing a platform for public explanatory work, as support for a political debate and decision-making.

Recent Project

The reckoning with God

The prime of human civilisation

Symbotic Systems

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