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When a human child is born, the world is already there! And like the growing seedling of a seed, as if it were an impulsive sprout that rises towards the sky, a flowing tidal stream of time indicates that there must have been a time before.

Shaped by individual perceptions, people sleepwalk through the world disoriented and with self-explanatory models, without really understanding the present. Unconscious of the fact that the present presents itself as the result of the past, individuals are - as psychology calls it - 'stuck', irresolute and demoralised in front of events, which they try to evaluate. In their quest for orientation many people believe the sources that satisfy their level of competence and logic - unaware of the fact that the cognitive boundaries of rational and irrational activities are fluent. Trusting themselves, they find it difficult to escape their libidinal and instinctive patterns of behaviour.

History has taught us that the age of the Renaissance, with those reformatory efforts, represents the rebirth and recollection of the cultural achievements of Greek and Roman antiquity - in which Europe began to arise and to bloom, like a rose, to free itself from the claws of mental derangement. Unspeakable suffering spread during the 30 Years War and the Age of Enlightenment followed - which, like a shadow casting spell, shed a new light on the existence of humanity and illuminated their horizon.

A phase of civilisational development began, which attempted to systematically grasp the cosmology of existence. New thinkers developed rational frameworks on the basis of which the scientific disciplines developed, as they are familiar to us today - with the premise of investigating cause and effect with scientific methodology. Committed to common sense and in an effort to curb excesses of human power, they considered using a methodical exploration of the world and its components as a basis for thinking and actions - and to steer mankind's fate through decision-making processes that preferably no longer followed superstition. In a stormy world, where the human mind is guided by two worlds, one recognisable and one is inexplicable.

Even if individual disciplines are not able to depict the recognisable reality in its entirety, an interdisciplinary combination can provide a kind of framework - to put the present into a frame story, in order to form a clear explanatory model, viewed through the prism of the period and the spirit of the time.

As part of the final papers of the project “Reckoning with God – The Prime of Human Civilisation” it is our aim, to help make the complexity of our digital binary mechanistic reality easier for individuals to understand. By bringing together diverse scientific disciplines, it is possible to compile a current overview of world knowledge, and alert all global citizens, as exemplary representatives of the human family, thereby warning of current and future dangers. Our aim is to break up the sensory limited field of view of the individual - and to confront that reality, with a world of ascertainable reality. We see this interdisciplinary work as a Collegium - a Collegium, from humans for humans.

Because the content this Collegium seeks to convey is so complex, we have decided to spread striking information via the social medium of 'Facebook’ - a platform designed for this format. Within the scope of our work we would like to mention that we are aware of the need to critically evaluate all such privately and/or publicly funded communication platforms. Above all, we think that all world citizens need to develop awareness that human progress made in the past is only part of an ongoing continuum of progress, and that there is a civil obligation to exert influence and make a voice heard politically, to contribute to that progress. Ultimately, all depends on the ability and willingness of each individual to expand his thinking and knowledge. That is essential.

These days, citizens feel and are aware of the fact that they are too greatly influenced by conspicuously vulgar and sensationalist journalism and advertising - which plays manipulatively with their senses, rather than their reason. Therefore, we strive to present the results of the ‘Collegium’ in a multi-layered, illustrative format and in an academic and relevant style. We have a positive attitude towards participatory involvement on your part, and we would like to invite you to share those of our contributions which you found interesting and relevant, with your friends and colleagues. We invite everyone to build a common future for the world and its peoples and inhabitants - a future that enables all living beings to find a tomorrow. Under my personal name,, you will find our short articles on Facebook, and we kindly ask you to accompany us on the way to a common future.

“Even if we are responsible for our statements, we are not responsible for what others are trying to imagine and to interpret - want to understand from it.”

Werner Francis Schultze - Novus Tempus -

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