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Dear Australians,

I am happy to live in Australia and I am happy to live amongst you.

In a land where apart from different backgrounds in colour and religion, people are living and working together in a friendly manner. It is fascinating to see that every year each nation is inviting all others to be part of their celebration to show their beliefs and their cultural tradition.

With raising global conflicts, the world is looking to Australia to investigate how to deal with migration, especially Europe in its current situation.

However, Australia itself has rising issues based on globalisation and based on political opinions traced back for decades.

We have to learn that there is not always right and wrong. We have to accept that many things can be and are different. We have to learn that we can´t act with pressure and violence to convince others of our opinion.

From time to time I will share my information and opinion with you.

Keep in mind that an opinion is an opinion based on facts that you know off at a current stage. We are living in a time where we gather information and with the use of the internet, quite faster as decades ago. If you are 40 and believe on what you knew at 20, then your knowledge has not grown at this time. Learning never stops and so your opinion will change. Furthermore, knowledge never stops, science is showing us since centuries that each answered question is raising new questions. Science is showing us that believing in something can change with a blink of an eye, if you have new evidence to prove that what you have believed in was wrong. Even historians are showing us that in some cases our mindset is lured into an opinion to justify various actions. Thanks for reading my blog

Werner Francis Schultze

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