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Joy and Passion

The world has seen many days. However, in the shower of light and shade, there are only a few moments that are truly significant.

A breeze, soft in tone and warm on the skin, approaches the horizon. It’s warmth, soothing in the glow of the day, shines forth. This resonance of joy, which activates both body and soul, allows the emotional outburst of being, celebrated masterfully.

In the celebration of his craft, "Hugo Fernández" is a feast for the eyes. As if floating above the dance floor, in small moments, he dabs the accents of his skill on the hearts of the people. Hugo Fernández is aware of the power, the passion, the beauty and aesthetics of the body, whose entire choreography finds expression in a romantic dance.

Hugo demonstrates his ability on the international stage and is regarded as one of the luminaries of his profession. The origins and soul of tango can be traced back to a region where Homo sapiens began to roam the grasslands.

This rhythm, this song, this melody sneaked into the head of "Ludwig van Beethoven" and inspired this virtuoso to compose his 9th Symphony. Deeply moved and inspired by the music, "Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller" took the 4th movement and gave it a face.

The radiant face is personified by "Shirley" as she represents the Joy of her culture. Shirley expresses her deeply rooted Chinese cultural history with such power, passion and fervour that even the Udumbara flower appears in a glow of light.

Fragrance of roses in the sky is sensually touching your heart. Wasn't it the force of the feather in the ray that encouraged you to fly? Misguided, or guided, can you take on the shape of a fledgling? Isn’t the embrace of aging the way to teach the offspring to fly?

Does the human race long to be peaceful, even full of joy? This is why we would like to join in with a song. A melody, with a powerful voice, once went around the world. A song can show how it feels to fly between space and time.

In a world with its present stressful time, it is nice to find a place full of joy. In such a place, you can feel the "Ode to Joy", flashing and crackling through your body.

„Alma de Tango“

Translated, adapted, rephrased by:

Werner Francis Schultze, Simon Lawrence Monsour

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